She cried a lot. But it was not tears of joy, rather rage, bitterness and anger. Alexandra Recchia offered such a demonstration against Romanian Pop (8-0) that she could only regret her mistake on the previoous day in the 1/2 final against Austria’s Plank. Considerig her shape and her Karate, she would have deserved better.

By Ludovic Mauchien in Novi Sad (Serbia)



" It sucks… I felt really good. I was like yesterday in my first two fights. After... I won my 3rd game thanks to talent and I didn’t make on the 4th one. It sucks to lose a title like that. Well, it does not matter, I would be World champion or Olympic champion (she sketches a smile). But I felt so good. I was super concentrated and I had zero doubts. I felt all the opportunities and I seized them. When I am feel not so good, I ask myself questions and my opponent takes over. When I have zero doubt, I win. I'm still happy with this medal. But, honestly, I had never been so strong in my life. I was at 300%, physically and in my Karate. It learns once again that’s the mind which makes the difference ».