Actus 05/08/2022

Le 5 août 2021, Steven Da Costa devenait le 1er champion olympique de l’histoire du Karaté à Tokyo en dominant le Turc Eray Samdan en finale (5-0). Quels souvenirs garde-t-il du tournoi ? de l’après Jeux ? Sa vie a-t-elle changé ? Ses ambitions sont-elles intactes ?... Un an après, jour pour jour, le double champion du monde se souvient, ou presque…


Par Ludovic Mauchien

Photos : DR


Actus 04/08/2022

Motorsport (karting ?), cricket, baseball-softball, lacrosse, breakdance, kick-boxing, squash, flag football and Karate were chosen by the organising committee to apply to be an additional sport during the 2028 Olympic Games (14-30 July).


By Ludovic Mauchien


Actus 22/07/2022

It’s now official. The ultimate 2022 Karate 1 Premier League will take place in Los Angeles from October 7 to 9.


Actus 10/07/2022

The 2nd and last day of the World Games in Birmingham (USA) gave rise to some very great fights and some very great winners. Youssef Badawy, at only 21 years old, asserts himself as the boss of -84 kg, In +84 kg, the Spaniard Babacar Seck is increasingly asserting himself as one of the tenors. Abdelaziz (-75 kg), Serogina (-61 kg), Semeraro (-68 kg) and Berultseva (+68 kg) are also gold medalists. In the nations ranking, Spain finished 1st (2 gold, 2 silver), ahead of Egypt (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze) and Ukraine (2 gold, 1 silver).


By Ludovic Mauchien

Photo: World Games/WKF


Actus 11/07/2022

The Filipina of Japanese origin, Junna Tsukii, won her first major international title in Birmingham (USA). Reigning Asian vice-champion, winner of two Karate 1 (Cairo and Lisbon) in 2021, Junna Tsukii thinks above all of those who have supported her all these years when she has not won.


Photo : World Games


Actus 09/07/2022

For the 2nd and last day of the Karate tournament at the World Games in Birmingham (USA), the duels promise to be close. On the program today : -61 kg, -68 kg, +68 kg, -75 kg, -84 kg and +84 kg. Hajime !


By Florian Fournier

Photo : World Games