He did not get what he had come for, but Ukraine’s Stanislav Horuna is very happy with his bronze medal won against Croatia's Garibovic on Saturday in Novi Sad (1-0), his 3rd podium after the silver medal in 2014 and 2017.

By Ludovic Mauchien in Novi Sad (Serbia)


« It was a difficult game because Garibovic is young and good. He was U21 European champion and I had never met him before. Moreover, he is a lot taller than I am. I didn’t know him that much. My tactics was to move a lot and don’t let him get close to me. Of course, I am happy. If I lost, it would have been worse. I would loved to get gold or be in the final but, at least, I won a bronze medal and I have memories from this competition.

Winning a medal at the European champinships is a good result. It’s very important to stay on the podium. It makes people watching you. My schedule now will be to compete in Turkey in June and, then, I will make some camps. First in Croatia where I will be a WKF instructor and share my knowledge with youngsters. Then, for the next 2 months, I will get prepared and do a lot of training camps, but as an athlete ».